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Electroplating services for nearly 30 years. Our electroplated finishes give a professional, high-quality service with 1st class customer support. Delivering big and small electroplating jobs on time at competitive prices from our workshop in Birmingham, West Midlands.

From our location, we can easily deliver electroplating UK-wide.

Just look around the room or vehicle you are in and you will see many examples of coated metals, most likely finished using electroplating finishes.

If you are looking for electroplating near me, we have you covered. Enquire now:

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Metal finishes we Offer

We offer many different finishes via our electroplating service including:

  • Copper Plating Bright/Satin
  • Brass Plating Bright/Satin
  • Chrome Plating Polished/Satin
  • Nickel Plating
  • Gold Plating

If you have another finish in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re bound to have seen it before.

Example of uses for Metal Plating:

Electro-metal plating is a way of adding a metal finish used for various reasons, it could be as a decorative finish or to prevent corrosion to increase longevity and durability. Other reasons include reducing friction, increased reflectivity or increasing the conductivity of electricity. Electroplating can be applied to plastics as well as metals to get the finish you require. Plastic metal coated finishes have become more prominent over the last few decades.

Here are 9 examples of where metal finishes can be seen in everyday life:

  1. Nuts and bolts
  2. Kitchenware and household items
  3. Architectural Ironmongery
  4. Light fittings
  5. Mobile phones
  6. Machinery parts
  7. Jewellery
  8. Car parts and vehicle finishes
  9. Building structures

Talk to us about your requirement.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating bath

Electroplating is the process of applying a metal coating to a piece of metal or another conductive item by immersing it in an electrolytic bath.  The bath contains a solution of salts including the metal that is to be coated. This is an electro-decomposition process.

An anode (+ve electrode) and a cathode (-ve electrode) are introduced into the solution and a direct current (DC) is passed through the solution. The cathode is the item that is to be metal plated. The current allows the transfer of metal ions onto the cathode surface forming a metal coating on the item. The coating becomes part of the original item.

If you want more information about the process involved, please get in touch.

Electroplating: Bright Copper Plating
Electroplating : Nickel Plating