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Nickel Plating – Bright to Satin

Nickel Plating

Nickel Electroplating- Bright to Satin Finishes

The Electroplating Company has been doing quality nickel plating for nearly 30 years. We offer a high-quality service with guaranteed high-calibre nickel finishes, whether your job is a big one or a small one.

We have many satisfied customers who come back each time a nickel finish is needed and this is down to our top-class finishes and competitive pricing.

Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we are ideally placed to offer nickel-metal finishing nationwide across the UK. So, if you’re looking for nickel plating near me, why not enquire now:

Call us: 0121 622 3386 or email Paul: paul@electroplatingcompany.co.uk

Nickel Finishes

Nickel finishes have many advantages, these include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improving wearability
  • Increased hardness
  • Improved ductility
  • Available in a bright finish

By changing the nickel electroplating chemicals used in our electroplating service we can offer different finishes.

  • Bright nickel plating
  • Satin nickel plating

Other finishes

Nickel can actually be finished in a range of finishes and we can help match the colour to existing components to suit your requirements.

We can also offer anything from a semi-bright and fully bright decorative effect to matte, pearl, or satin finishes.

Speak to us to get the right option for your nickel electroplating job.

What is Nickel Electro Plating

Nickel electroplating is a process where a nickell is applied to an item by immersing it in an electrolytic bath that contains nickel salts. A direct electrical current (DC) is passed through the solution using a +ve anode and a -ve cathode. The negative diode is made up of the item to be nickel-plated. The current means the nickel-metal ions are deposited onto the cathode forming a nickel-metal coating on the item. The coating then forms part of the original workpiece.

If you want more information about the process involved, please get in touch.

Other metal finishes we offer include:

  • Brass Plating (satin and bright)
  • Chrome Plating (satin and polished)
  • Copper Plating (bright and satin)
  • Gold Plating

If you have another finish in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re bound to have seen it before.

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